Mars Venus
    Fairy Godmother


OK. Dating may not be your idea of a fairytale but, like anything else, it is easy when you know how.

I have first-hand experience of almost every pitfall there is and my professional skills and hard-won experience are available to you on your journey to create the life – and love – you dream about. I love helping to change the world for the better – one relationship at a time!

Complete and return my Questionnaire to qualify for a complimentary, no-obligation assessment of where you are now.


It’s not enough just to find the man you believe is Mr. Right. My four basic steps will teach you to do the right things to create the happiest possible relationship with all those avoidable stumbling blocks handled ahead of time.

If you do the dating game right, it is a lot of fun!


You are outwardly successful but find dating and romance a bit of a minefield and have not yet found ‘the one’. Several promising relationships have fizzled out and you are beginning to lose hope of building the romantic future you dream of.

Together we explore what is most meaningful to you to give you clarity about where you are in your life. A fairy godmother, just like a Sat-Nav, is unable to help you to plan a route until she we knows your current position.


You want to fall in love with someone who shares your values and aspirations, who makes you laugh and turns you on, and who in turn is looking for a primary relationship which will survive the tests of time. The very best way to attract the right man for you is to create the loving acceptance of yourself that you want from him.

We will figure out exactly where you want to be. In any journey, if your calculations are out by just a tiny fraction of a degree, you can wind up somewhere you did not want to be. So, in setting out from Venus to Mars – without accurately charting your course – you could end up lost in space!


Gender Intelligence teaches us that men and women’s brains are wired in totally different ways. Rushing into intimacy can lead to promising relationships fizzling out. A man needs an opportunity to impress and prove himself worthy, otherwise he tends to lose focus and find someone who will put him through his paces.

In a deep-dive enquiry with your Fairy Godmother, you will learn how to avoid the pitfalls. Together we will create a personalized 90 day plan.


I can teach you all you need to know to find your own individual happily-ever-after…

Today I live my ideal life in a beautiful Somerset village, happy as a clam with my gorgeous husband and fulfilled with work I am passionate about. Of course, your most authentic dreams will be different to mine, but the principals and methods that I have used successfully will work to help you live happily ever after too.


When my ‘fairytale’ first marriage fell apart in 1998 I was on the wrong side of forty, under a cancer death sentence, bald and had lines in my chest. I had decided, however, that I wanted a miracle. From this unpromising beginning I worked on creating the life that would really fulfil me and bring me fully alive.

On the way I trained to be a laughter therapist, published a book to promote laughter as a path to health, wealth and happiness; trained as a Louise Hay Heal Your Life teacher, Health Creation Mentor and a Mars Venus Coach and have practiced as a holistic health consultant for over seventeen years.

Did you know that the path for fun-dating is different to the path to finding The One? There are many dating websites out there, but without knowing how to navigate their leads, you will repeat patterns of short-lived encounters. If you are ready to invest in your dreams, fill in the Questionnaire for a free consultation to find out if I’m your Fairy Godmother.


There is no substitute for experience and I am a woman of vast experience.

My experience includes:

  • Two marriages – one which felt at times like a life sentence and one that after fifteen years doesn’t feel a day too long.
  • Three divorces – in which I was intimately involved including my own, my ex-husband’s and my current husband.
  • Fidelity
  • An open relationship and monogamous marriage
  • Many, many miracles including deciding not to die of incurable, aggressive cancer
  • Living in Africa in the 50s
  • Living in Surrey, Kent and London in the 60’s and 70s
  • Living in New York in the 70s 80s and 90s
  • Living in Belgravia in the 80s and 90s
  • Living in a Christian home
  • Living in a Jewish home
  • Living in a home where I am free to express my spirituality naturally and authentically
  • Lived on a boat in the Thames for five years
  • Trained the Alpha Pair of swans to come to me when I whistled
  • Stepsons
  • Giving birth to and raising my own son
  • Being a mother substitute to a very young woman
  • I have worked in the theatre, NY commercial property, London investment property, Temporary Secretary in various industries and for 17 years as a holistic health coach
  • Appeared on the front page of the News of The World and other magazine, radio, television and newspaper articles
  • Depression
  • Suicide attempt
  • Massive cancer treatment
  • Near death experience
  • Cancer death sentence and pulling off a miracle and living well
  • Changing my life to a different and more successful trajectory
  • Over enthusiastic alcohol consumption
  • Drug experimentation with pot, hash, quaaludes, cocaine, amphetamines and cannabis oil.
  • Co-dependence and (vicariously) addiction
  • Sexual experimentation and study
  • Baldness, various hair lengths, wigs and hairpieces
  • Training and Practice as a licensed Laughter therapist, Heal Your Life teacher, Health Creation mentor, Mars Venus Coach.
  • Author
  • Care-giver
  • Executor of my mother’s Will
  • Cultivator of joy


  • Undistinguished scholastic career owing to undiagnosed learning difficulties, epilepsy and epilepsy treatment, produced 5 O levels and one A – and nobody ever mentioned my name in the same sentence as university!
  • Insatiable curiosity and love of books and reading produced a very wide learning.
  • A short-lived but professional stage career nearly gave me a nervous breakdown!

On the plus side, once I began to follow my own truth and interests, I studied and qualified to be:

  • A Laughter Leader and Facilitator
  • A Health Creation Mentor
  • A Healing Lives Achieving Dreams Workshop Leader
  • A certified Gender Intelligent Mars Venus Coach
  • and have been practicing in these capacities since 2003